As a truly global organisation with an extensive range of award-winning products and a firm commitment to eco-friendly practice, Samsung are ranked second in the world for A4 mono and colour laser printing. Their highly competitive product range meets all business needs across mono, colour, single-function and multi-function laser devices. Especially as access to the A3 copier market was limited as only few manufacturers were able to develop, produce and sell to global customers. Today, Samsung has joined this group with its own original technology in the A3 copier sector, proving its technological leadership.

They have an impressive record of investing in R&D, prioritising the development of user-friendly technology across their product range. This gives an edge in terms of innovation, superior product design and performance – alongside the highest quality Services, Solutions and Supplies – ensure customers are always offered the complete package.


Samsung’s innovative, high-quality products provide a platform for superior printer Solutions. Their experience in this area gives a clear understanding of the challenges facing customers, notably:

Cost Reduction
Keeping your costs under control is the first step in establishing how to reduce your printing overheads.

Improved User Productivity
We develop powerful devices that are intuitive and where the user experience is enhanced with intelligent Solutions.

Increased Competitive Advantage
We help you create a printing environment that uniquely fits the demands of your own business.

It is estimated that there are over 70 items of UK legislation that have an impact on how you manage and store documents.

Businesses need to have robust document management systems and must be aware of how to control the security risks associated with handling sensitive corporate information via their devices and systems.

The pillars of the Samsung Solutions strategy go right to the heart of addressing your needs. They focus on four key areas:

Document Distribution
Document distribution solutions assist in the integration, archiving, organisation, management and retrieval of knowledge contained in hard-copy documents. You can effectively streamline your document-related processes through versatile Solutions such as the Samsung SmarThru Workflow. This dramatically improves office efficiency by capturing hard-copy documents and organizing them digitally to ensure secure delivery to the next stage of the business process. Alternatively, they can be placed into convenient archive storage from where they can be easily retrieved whenever necessary.

Device Management
Today’s office printing environment is comprised of a complex network of devices for printing, scanning, copying and faxing. For your IT staff to focus on value-added service delivery, it is vital that they have simple administration tools with which to manage this intricate printing infrastructure. Our easy-to-install and manageable Samsung SyncThru™ Admin gives you control over networked, single- and multi-function print devices, whether they are Samsung or third party. This is an industry-leading network management software tool that provides increased efficiency and productivity by allowing IT administrators, support staff and users to manage, monitor and diagnose multiple printing devices remotely.

Job Accounting
Our Job Accounting feature is designed to provide your administrators with in-depth information on the printing, scanning, copying and faxing jobs being performed by any user on any device. This enables your business to set up individual and group accounts for printing, ensuring that user, device and output activity are monitored and reported on for any given time period. From various Internet connections, IT administrators can manage and control output, setting page limits or making access to certain functions password-dependant. We provide CounThru Enterprise for print monitoring at large businesses, as well as a solution that allows our re-seller partners to do this on behalf of their customers.

Output Management
Using a networked device for printing can compromise security, allowing such breaches as unauthorised access, retained information on devices, and network penetration. We help address these threats with security enhanced products that are ‘Common Criteria’ (CC) certified. CC is the highest security certification for IT services and has been adopted by several government and military organisations as a benchmark security standard. Our CC roadmap and our attitude to security in general are based on developing smarter devices every day to meet your security needs. Our aim is to ensure that all our future devices achieve CC-certification.